27 May 2013

Half Term Wishlist!

Hey guys! It is half term now (yay) and amongst writing up a few blog posts, I thought I would do a little wishlist as I haven't done one in a couple of months.

MUA Nail Polish - Pistachio Ice Cream - £1 

I love this mint green colour, but when I tried to get it in Superdrug a few weeks ago it was sadly sold out (along with nearly all the other shades). I reviewed one of the MUA nail polishes last week here, and really liked it so I hope that they have this shade when I next go!

Loreal Skin Perfection Micellar Cleansing Water - £4.99

There has been lots of things said about this product, including it being a supposed dupe for Bioderma. Having never tried Bioderma before, and hearing such great things about it and the Micellar Cleansing Water, I really want to try it as I've been wanting to change make-up removers for a while now.

MUA Undress Me Too - £4

Again another MUA product! Since I got the MUA Undressed palette (the dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette), I have wanted to try some of their others as I loved the first one. I heard that Undress Me Too is the dupe for the Naked 2 palette, which means that I obviously need to buy it!

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - £6

If any of you are regular readers of my blog, you will know that I LOVE Soap & Glory products. The Supercat eyeliner is by far my favourite felt tip liner, but the one I have now is starting to run out although I swear my previous one lasted way longer!

H&M Skater Dress - £7.99

I saw this navy blue dress in the H&M catalogue I got sent and instantly loved it. I don't actually own a skater dress, mainly because dresses have never really been my "thing", but recently I have been really liking them! For £7.99 you can't really go wrong and it will be really nice in Summer to either dress up or down.

Seventeen On The Spot Foundation - £5.99

I have read quite a few reviews on this new product by Seventeen (previously 17), saying that it is a really good foundation that actually clears up your skin. I have never heard of a foundation that helps your skin, so I'm a bit apprehensive but nevertheless I want to try it!

Moroccan Oil Oily Scalp Treatment - £12.35

Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil have been talked about so much recently, but since I have oily hair I sadly can't use most of their products. That was until I discovered that there is an Oily Scalp Treatment! It is quite expensive however I would love to try it if it could help my hair!

Internacionale Nude Satchel - £12.99

Recently I have been really liking nude satchels/bags, but this one has got to be my favourite! It doesn't look at all shiny or cheap in the photo, which I find a big problem with low cost bags, hopefully it still is in real life.

That is it for my half term wishlist! What things are on your wishlist at the moment? :) 

19 May 2013

MUA Bold Blue Nail Polish // REVIEW

Hey guys! Today I have a little review on the Make Up Academy Bold Blue nail polish (wow two posts about nail polishes in a row). MUA have become very well known in the past few months for their great low-cost products, especially for their dupes of the Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2 palettes! I have seen people getting a little bit annoyed after MUA repackaged their £1 nail polishes to look pretty much identical to Essie nail polish bottles. Personally I think that they look far better than they used to, however it's a bit naughty that they made them so similar to Essie bottles!

When I was in Superdrug last week I decided to pick up one in the shade Bold Blue. I had planned on getting more shades, however they were sold out of all of the ones I would have liked, apart from this particular one. Bold Blue is such a lovely bright blue colour and would be great for Spring or Summer. Anyway on with the review!

When I first applied this to my nails I was a bit put off to say the least. It was drying very fast, which is normally good, however this was so fast that when I went onto paint another strip of my nail, the first bit would already be drying, meaning it would look really uneven and not very nice! After a few seconds I noticed that somehow the unevenness was actually disappearing, making it go completely smooth and professional looking. 

One of the things I didn't like about this was that the polish is quite a thin liquid, so it takes about 4 or 5 coats to make it opaque, but I suppose for £1 what do I really expect. Once I had finished, I used my Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat (one of my new firm favourites!) just to make sure everything was dried properly.

The lasting power is really good, it lasted about 4 days without a single chip! When it did eventually chip I couldn't help but peel it off, to which I discovered it peels off quite easily. This fact isn't exactly very good encouragement for me to say the least, so I wasn't keen about that.

In the end I was so impressed with the finish and overall factors of the MUA polishes. I will without a doubt be buying more shades once they come back into stock, and would definitely recommend them as they are just as good, if not better, than some more expensive nail polishes that I have tried, plus for £1 who can really argue?! 

Have you tried any MUA nail polishes and what did you think of them? Also I would love to see any of your blog posts about them!

12 May 2013

OPI Oz Collection - When Monkeys Fly + Glints Of Glinda // REVIEW

Hey guys! I was so excited to be sent two nail polishes from the OPI Oz Great And Powerful Collection. The collection is a range of soft and glitter shades, inspired by Disney's Oz The Great And Powerful! I haven't tried a lot of nail polishes from OPI before, so I was really looking forward to trying these two. They also gave me the chance to test out my new Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat, which I will state now, I love! 

When Monkeys Fly - £11.50* I have heard a lot of controversial things about this polish, mainly because of the large pieces of glitter in it that stick up, so I wasn't sure if I would like it. It is a 3D glitter nail polish with small silver glitter pieces, that look different colours in certain light, and large gold hexagons. You could wear it as a topcoat or by itself! The thing that I found a bit of a pain was that it was quite hard to get the gold hexagons out of the bottle. 

A good thing about this was that, even though it was a 3D glitter polish, it didn't get caught on anything as I managed to get the hexagons to lay flat on my nails. Lasting power wise it was basically the same as Glints Of Glinda, maybe minus a day due to it being easier to catch. After using this a couple of times I think that it is a really good hex glitter polish but I guess that it may not be to everybody's "tastes"!

Glints Of Glinda - £11.50* Glints Of Glinda is a nude, peachy-beige colour. I found that I needed to use three or four coats to make it opaque, however it would be great for doing French manicure if you used one or two coats! 

It has a really classic, gloss finish which I think looks really pretty. It dries quite quickly which I was impressed with, but it did seem to scratch easily if I caught it. The thing I really liked was that it lasted a long time, once you got over the fact of having to not catch it! It lasted about five days without me having to take it off, which I thought was great for a nail polish!

Overall I really like these two nail polishes and would most likely re-purchase them both, especially Glints Of Glinda as I loved the finish of it! 

Have you tried anything from the OPI Oz Collection? If you did what did you think of them? :)

PS. I am redesigning my blog (again) so please ignore anything that may look a bit strange as I should have everything sorted by next weekend!

7 May 2013

I've Reached 50 GFC Followers!

Hey guys! Just a little quick post to say that I have now reached 50 GFC followers after only 3 (nearly) months blogging. Thank you all so much and I really appreciate all of the people who look at or read my blog! When I saw that I reached this goal I smiled so much, to the point where if anyone had walked into my room, they would possibly think that I have some issues haha. 

Sadly though GFC is supposed to be going on the 1st of July, which most bloggers will agree is extremely annoying! However I will be using Bloglovin as my main "following device", so I would love it if you could all follow me there to make sure that you can still see when I do a new blog post! It would be great if I could do a giveaway at 100 Bloglovin followers, because I really don't think that I would reach 100 GFC followers by July, but we will have to see I suppose! 

Again thank you so much, I am really happy that people enjoy reading what I write!

3 May 2013

Worth The Hype? - Rimmel Apocalips

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting much, I have been really busy and when I have free time I am just too tired. I am determined to get my next few blog posts written up over the weekend, so look forward to them.

Some of you may have seen my haul post from the other week, where I bought the Rimmel Apocalips in the shade Celestial. This has got to be one of the most talked about lip product in the bloggersphere, which means that there is a lot of diversity as to whether it is really any good, or if it's just another hyped up piece of rubbish. I put off buying it for quite a while, as when I swatched it in Superdrug it seemed quite sticky, I eventually gave in after seeing so many reviews (good and bad) but I wasn't very convinced that I would like it. 

The first thing you notice is that it smells slightly like Palma Violet sweets. This isn't the best scent, but it is bearable and you don't really notice it once you have worn it for a few minutes.

I really like the wand, it has a little dip in the middle which holds more lip product. This makes it really easy to apply and you don't have to keep getting more from the tube. It would be great for if you are in a rush, as you can quickly put it on and you're ready to go!

The shade Celestial is so pretty! It is a rosy pink colour which looks glossy when you first apply it, but dries to almost matte, a bit like a lip stain. There is no stickiness whatsoever, so in that respect it is a lot like a lipstick. It's light enough to wear in Spring/Summer but still looks great in Autumn/Winter, meaning that you can wear it all year round! 

The pigment is ridiculously good, which means that it last very well! I had it on for about 4 hours, ate lunch, drank water and it only faded a bit. My only negative comment would have to be that, because of its pigment, it can be hard to correct any mistakes or smudges you might make, otherwise it leaves a light pink stain on your skin.

It isn't very drying on the lips, although if you have dry or flaky lips, I would suggest wearing a lip balm underneath or a lip gloss on top, if you are planning on wearing it for a long period of time. 

Overall I really like Rimmel Apocalips, it is light and you barely realise that you are wearing it! I am definitely going to buy more shades in the future, possibly a lighter shade this time. 

Have you tried Rimmel Apocalips and what did you think of them? Do you think they were worth the hype?