28 May 2014

EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm // REVIEW

Hey guys! Today I am here with another review, this time for the EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm, as you may already be able to tell from the title of this post. I'd wanted to try an EOS lip balm for so long, but since only a shop or two sold them (EOS/Evolution Of Smooth is an American brand), they were quite expensive, so I had pretty much lost all hope in trying one in the near future. I then won Ria's LoveLula Beauty Box giveaway back in February, and was very happy as the EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm was included in the box! 

One of the most noticeable and memorable things about EOS lip balms are their shape! They are very round, which makes application of them very easy as you don't have to mess about scooping lip balm out of a jar, and getting it stuck under your nails (I'm looking at you Nuxe Reve De Miel). Instead you simply glide it on and you're good to go! They are also 95% organic and 100% natural, making them great for anybody with sensitive skin and those of you who like to stick to natural products! 

This is a completely clear lip balm, so it won't affect the colours of anything you apply on top of it! It would be good if EOS were to do a tinted balm version as I really like those, especially during colder seasons, but I sadly they don't yet. When you first apply it feels really solid and not great, however it then begins to melt on your lips and you can feel it instantly moisturising! It has an extremely light formula, as quite often I feel like I need to apply it a few times, because you don't feel any weight on your lips at all. This makes it perfect for putting under lipsticks to add an extra layer of moisture, which is when I like to use it as I tend to get dry lips! 

Strawberry Sorbet smells a little like sweet, slightly artificial, strawberries, which honestly wouldn't be my first choice (I love the sound of the Sweet Mint scent) but it isn't overpowering so I can easily stand it! The taste is really nice though - it's quite sweet and it stays on my lips for hours without any need for reapplication. There have been many times where I have applied this just before bed, and woken up with the taste still on my lips, which shows just how well the lip balm lasts! 

I'd highly recommend trying an EOS lip balm out. as they are a great staple product to keep around the house, or in your bag! There are lots of other flavours too, so there should be one for everybody.

Have you ever tried an EOS lip balm?

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21 May 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Hey guys! I am sorry for the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks, I have had some exams which have left practically no time for blogging, but they are now over and I can get back into the swing of things! You all seemed to like my "top 5 Spring lipsticks" post that I did a little while ago here, so I thought to myself,  what is the most popular and talked about lipstick brand? I am sure that many of you will agree with me when I say MAC. I am quite a MAC novice, only owning three lipsticks and two eyeshadows, but I thought that it would be quite a fun thing to do a post about my MAC lipstick collection, no matter how small it is! Oh the days when I long to have a big section of an Ikea Malm dressing table reserved for just MAC lipsticks, however if I were to do that I would end up broke.

The three MAC lipsticks that I own I received on my birthday last year, after much deliberating over what shades I should ask for and looking at many swatches/reviews! I got the three exact shades that I wanted too which was good. I decided that I would play it safe with shades and not pick anything too daring, as I didn't want to risk not liking them since they cost around £14, and I didn't have a MAC counter anywhere near me so that I could see them in real life beforehand!

The first one that I will start off with is Creme Cup! This is from MAC's Cremesheen line, and it was a huge bloggers' favourite last year, which is what urged me to buy it as it looked like such a pretty shade. Creme Cup is a glossy, pinky nude shade, with a subtle blue undertone (which apparently makes your teeth appear whiter)! This is such a gorgeous, moisturising shade which is great for Summer. It doesn't last extremely long, possibly around the two hour mark, however I guess that is a decent amount of time! I honestly haven't used this a whole lot yet, as my attention has been focused on Peach Blossom recently (the next lipstick), although I must give it a proper few tries soon.

Next is my absolute favourite of the three, Peach Blossom, which is also the Cremesheen formulation! I've talked about this quite a few times in the past and I actually reviewed it a little while ago here. When I wrote that post a lot of people said that they hadn't ever heard of Peach Blossom, or it would be one of those shades that they would overlook as it doesn't look very special at first!

I completely agree with these people, as when I was picking the shades for my wishlist, I almost didn't put this on as it didn't look all that special. Thank the lord that I changed my mind though! It's a glossy pale pink shade, although I wouldn't really call it peach (meaning it has a slightly deceiving name). The formulation is very creamy formulation, and although the pigmentation isn't overly great, possibly due to the glossy formulation, I really don't mind as it lasts for a long time. It's just a generally amazing lipstick and was my favourite up until a few weeks ago (the Revlon Laqure Balm in Demure has just inched its way past)! If you'd like to hear me babble on about it a little more make sure you read my review!

Lastly is Coral Bliss, another Cremesheen lipstick! This is quite a glossy, pinky coral shade (although it does look more tangerine in the swatch) but I would say that it does have more of a pigmentation than the other two, plus it is very buildable. The lasting power is pretty good, as I get about three, maybe four, hours of use out of it! Personally I do find this lipstick to be quite drying, which I know quite a few people say tends to happen with Cremesheen lipsticks, however I haven't experienced that with the other two, so maybe this is just one of the more drying ones! You can simply resolve this though by adding a little lip balm before you apply the lipstick.

Overall these are three lovely shades, and I'd definitely recommend them all! They are perfect for this time of year, and seriously they would look amazing with a holiday tan.

I hope that you all liked this post! I really must try and expand my MAC collection soon, I quite like the look of Japanese Maple (you'll see a reoccurring theme of pink lipstick shades with me), so I would love your suggestions. Also lipsticks have been a big favourite of mine lately, so definitely expect to have a couple more lipstick related posts on my blog over the next few weeks!

What MAC lipsticks do you own, and what are your favourites?

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11 May 2014

Spots & Denim // FASHION

Dress - New Look | Jacket - New Look | Shoes - Debenhams | Bag - George | Necklace - Amazon | Ring - Past Times

Hey guys! I may have mentioned before that this Spring/Summer I really want to try wearing more dresses. Dresses are something that I very rarely wear, unless it is hot (which doesn't happen very often at all in England), normally I will just stick to jeans and boots! I have promised myself that this year I must start wearing them a lot more. Recently the weather seems to have been getting somewhat warmer, which has given me a chance to start wearing dresses! There is one specific dress that I have been wearing many times, and this is a lovely black and white spotted dress from New Look.

Dresses are quite a difficult thing for me to buy as skater styles, which are what about 90% of casual dresses seem to be, don't suit me! This meant that when I was scrolling through New Look, and noticed a thing called t-shirt dresses I ordered a couple honestly with not much hope. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were quite nice, and suit me really well (I think so anyway)! Also, just a little note,I actually took all of these photos when I was away at Easter visiting family, so these were taken in the holiday house we stayed in, just to clear that up.

Like I said, the dress that I am wearing is from New Look, which I believe only cost me around £10! The cropped light denim jacket is also from New Look, however I bought this about two years ago from a car boot for £2! The jacket is a little looser than I would like it to be, since it's a size 10, but for £2 I couldn't really argue. I think that the spots and denim look really nice together as they are very Spring/Summer orientated! 

I paired the two with some simple black ballet flats, that have little black bows on, from Debenhams! These are from the children's range "Bluezoo", since my feet are very little and narrow, and these were the only pair, out of about 20 from various shops, that fit me. I also used my tan, cut-out print bag from George (Asda) to pull the outfit together a bit more! This is definitely a very dainty bag, and you can't fit many things in it (I can just about wedge in my purse, phone, sunglasses, compact and a few pieces of paper), but I found that my larger bags don't suit the outfit quite right. I bought the bag last year so sadly I can't give out a link to it!

I've also been wearing a couple of pieces of jewellery with this outfit (admittedly I do sometimes forget to put the ring on) - the first being a cubic zirconium infinity necklace with a little heart in! I featured this necklace in my Spring haul post the other week here, after I bought it off Amazon, and since then I have worn it a lot. It's a really cute little necklace that adds a little bit of sparkle to the outfit! The second piece of jewellery, like I said, is my wraparound silver leaf ring. I bought this 3, maybe 4, years ago from Past Times (before they closed) but it's only in the past year that I've actually started wearing it! This ring is pretty perfect for me since I also have narrow, thin fingers so I can adjust it to whatever fit I desire. 

I hope that you liked this post! I very rarely do outfit/fashion posts, but it would be great to start doing them more as they are quite fun to write. I'd love to know if you would like me to start doing more posts like this!

What is your favourite dress at the moment?

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4 May 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette // REVIEW

Hey guys! There has been one palette recently that I have been turning to pretty much every single time I do my makeup, and that is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette! I'm sure that many of you will have heard about it, and if not, where have you been?! I received this on my birthday last December, after uming and ahing about whether or not I should put it on my gift wishlist, however I am extremely happy that I did!

I had never tried any of the Urban Decay eyeshadows in the past, since I didn't really understand the hype surrounding them. Yes, there were some really pretty shades, but at between £22 and £37 for each palette, how could they be a huge amount greater than any palette half their price?

There are six, very neutral shades in the Basics palette - Venus (a frosted white, that I like to use as a highlight), Foxy (a very pale yellow shade, which so far I haven't found a use for), Walk Of Shame/W.O.S (a pale, almost flesh coloured, matte pink), Naked 2 (a matte, beigey taupe), Faint (a dark, matte brown) and Crave (a very intense, matte black)!

For my everyday makeup I use three shades from this palette, Walk Of Shame, which I apply all over my lids, Faint, as eyeliner on my lower lash line, and Venus, in a "C" shape in the inner corners of my eyes, to highlight! If I want something a little darker I will mix Naked 2 in with Walk Of Shame, however I haven't done this since Spring began.

The formulations are very silky and smooth, and all the shades, except Foxy, are extremely pigmented, which helps to create a really professional, clean look! I'm not sure why Foxy isn't as pigmented as the rest, possibly because it is such a light shade? Either way I just don't find that the payoff is great. The size of the palette it really handy too! It is very little and compact, so it can easily fit in your makeup bag or handbag, meaning that is is great when you are on the go.

The lasting power is amazing! It has gone around nine hours without showing wear, and that is without a primer. With a primer it obviously lasts for much longer, and I can apply this at around 9am in the morning and it will remain perfectly intact until I remove it at 9pm!

As you may realise already I absolutely love this palette! It's my go-to every time I do my makeup, and quite honestly I don't know what I would do without it. I am currently contemplating whether or not to splurge and buy the Naked 3 palette, although I'm not sure whether to try the apparent dupe first (the Revolution Iconic 3 Palette)! If you have tried either, or both, I'd absolutely love to know your thoughts and if you can, how you think the two compare to each other.

Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette?

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3 May 2014

Monthly Advertisers - May

Hey guys! I can't believe that May is already here, and next month it will be half way through the year - this year is going so quickly. I am back with my monthly advertisers post, and this time, of course, it is for May! I only have the one advertiser this month, however it is quite special since it is the first business to ever advertise on Hidden Beauty.

Diamond Advertiser

The GlitterBuzzStyle Cosmetics brand was started by me, Chastity Palmer-Davis, a beauty/fashion blogger who wanted to take her blog to the next level. I wanted to do more than just blog, I wanted a brand and a business that I felt passionate about. After being in the blogging industry for almost 7 years, last spring I decided to dive in and create a beauty line that features a collection of lipsticks, lipglosses, blushes and eyeshadows. I was focused on making my brand a reality and I was able to accomplish this goal and much more. With only being in business for a year my brand, GlitterBuzzStyle, has merged into fashion, offering a bi-weekly fashion trends collection to women all around the world. The GlitterBuzzStyle brand's goal is to provided women with things that make them feel and look beautiful, wherever their location is. I am all about my readers and giving them the latest trends within my business. I provide that and more on a personal level and they love the realness behind that.

Make sure you have a look at GlitterBuzzStyle Cosmetics as it looks like Chastity sells some lovely products, especially if you like bold shades! However, if you would like to have a look at how you could advertise with me, please read my advertising page here!

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