Hello! I'm Millie - a teenage beauty blogger from England. Here at Hidden Beauty I post about most things beauty related, be it reviews, haul, favourites, anything really, although I do write the odd other type of post including tips and tricks posts, which my readers seem to love!

I created my blog on a rainy day in February 2013, when I decided that I should stop procrastinating, and just open my own blog, thus Hidden Beauty was born! I'd watched beauty gurus on Youtube and read blogs for a long time, which is what inspired me to create my own blog.

I originally called my blog "Millie's Beauty Blog" (which as you can imagine didn't take much thought), but whilst I was trying to think of a different name Hidden Beauty popped into my head and I knew that was the right name for me. 

If you'd like to find out anymore information, or ask me a question, then feel free to email me at hiddenbeautyblog@gmail.com or send me a tweet @hidbeautyblog. I hope that you enjoy reading Hidden Beauty!