25 August 2013

New Blog Design! Thank You Kathryn!

Hey guys! Just a little quick post to say that I now have a new gorgeous blog design, made by Kathryn from Effie. She should be opening a little design shop very soon, although she is taking a few blog design "orders" now. Make sure to have a look at her blog, it is definitely one of my favourites!

I highly recommend her, and her designs are always perfect! I had been trying to design my own blog for quite some time but could never get it just how I wanted it, so when Kathryn kindly offered to do it for me I couldn't have been more pleased. I would definitely recommend that you ask Kathryn to design your blog as she will do a great job!

Also, with the thought of design and changing the blog, I am thinking of possibly changing the URL to a domain within the next few months. If any of you have any blog design posts about how to change over to a domain please let me know, as I would be really interested in looking at them.

I hope you all like my new design as much as I do, because I really think Kathryn did a lovely job!


  1. Your blog design is really cute ^^
    When you say changing to a domain do you mean like from .blogspot.co.uk to .co.uk ? To set that up it kinda depends on who you but the domain from.
    I used http://www.crazydomains.co.uk/ because they had weirdly low prices and it was like 3am and I was intrigued.
    Then you fiddle around with the dns settings, but with blogger they have lots of help pages..
    With more well known sites like godaddy or 123-reg it would be easier to find step by step ways of setting it up.
    I hope that made sense..
    Also I could help cause im not usually so bad at explaining

    - hana

    1. Thank you! Yeah that's what I mean. I think I'm going to go with 123 Reg because my Dad designs website, and he always uses them for any domains he has. Thanks for your advice though :)

  2. Your blog design is so cute! :) I've not long re-vamped my blog too!


    1. Thanks! Oo I'll have to have a look at your blog now x

  3. I loveee your new blog design! Kathryn did such a lovely job! I won a header giveaway, so Amy from The Little Koala helped me design my header and navigation bar!


    1. Thank you, she really did do a great job. Awh that's nice, I really like Amy's designs!

  4. totally love this design! :) it's so cute and girly!
    i will definitely keep her in mind when i want a revamp!

    1. Thank you! Kathryn's designs are always very nice, so I would definitely recommend her to you x

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