18 January 2015

The Perfect Lip Duo

Lately there have been two lip products that I have been wearing together a lot! I can't complete my makeup without wearing something on my lips, even if it is just some lip balm, so I'd like to say that I have tried quite a few lip product combinations, and this has got to be one of my favourites.

The first of these lip products is the TheBalm Girls Lipstick in Mai Billsbepaid*, which is a matte nude rose shade! I'm not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks, as I just tend to like the look of glossy lipsticks more, plus I have quite dry lips and I always find that matte lipsticks cling to dry patches. Saying that though this one is quite buttery and moisturising (although it does still cling a bit)! The packaging shape of the TheBalm Girls lipsticks are very similar to MAC lipsticks, so it has the same bullet style, but in silver rather than black!

To counteract the matte finish of the lipstick, I've been using my favourite clear lipgloss! I have said quite a few times in the past that lipglosses and I don't mix very well, since the stickiness of them can feel quite heavy, plus I have long hair, and I'm sure that you all know how lipgloss and hair do not mix well. There is one gloss though that I love, and this is the Clarins Prodige Intense Shine & Colour in the shade Crystal*! This is, as I said, a completely clear shade and has a really light feel. The glossiness is very strong too, and isn't overly sticky, so it's a nice all-round lipgloss.

After applying the lipstick, I put a little bit of the gloss on my bottom lip, then rub my lips together to transfer it onto my top lip too! If I apply it to both of my lips straight from the wand I always find that it's too much, but this way I get a nice level of shine, without being too strong or sticky.

What is your favourite lip product combination?


  1. This is so pretty and makes me want to try a nude lip.

    xo Jackie

  2. Love this lip colour, not too bold and would go with most things. Thanks for sharing hun xx

    Anna-Maria | www.topdrawfashion.com

  3. I love the balm products the packaging is always on point, the colour of this one is stunning and I really love the gloss on top xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  4. I've been looking for a clear lipgloss for quite sometime now and I didn't even think about looking at Clarins. This sounds like a great option and I love the sound of the formula x

    Beauty with charm

  5. These look beautiful, I don't really have a favourite combo but I do like MAC Syrup at the moment.

  6. that is one of the loveliest shade I've seen... definitely something I'd wear :)


  7. Such a gorgeous shade, I love the packaging too haha I'm a sucker for that!
    Frostingofsilver.blogspot.com x

  8. Love this combo so much!! Thanks for sharing :)

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty

  9. Looks like the perfect combination!! perfect for everyday :)

    Melissa || www.vintagemelissa.co.uk