26 April 2015

Twitter Chats - What & When? // TIPS & TRICKS

I would say that my number one source of blog traffic is from Twitter, largely thanks to the various blogger chats! If you didn't already know what a blogger chat on Twitter is - you use a certain hashtags at a set time on a set day and talk to other bloggers using the same hashtag. The chats typically last an hour long, and are at the same time every week. There are lots of chats for all sorts of bloggers and vloggers, whether you write/talk about fashion, beauty, lifestlyle, parenthood or food, anything really!

There will often be a topic, picked by the chat host, such as your favourite summer travel essentials, but the topics vary for every chat and for some chats there is no topic at all, you just have a general talk. At the end of the hour you then share you link out with anybody who asks (a little tip - if you only want to see the tweets of the people asking for links, let's say in the #fbloggers chat, just search "#fbloggers links"), which is a great way of getting your blog recognised, especially when you're a newbie! You may also find some new reads of your own, because I know that I definitely have.

Aside from the traffic side of things, Twitter chats are also an amazing way to make some new blogger friends and find people with similar interests to you. I will often ask during the #bbloggers chat for product suggestions and opinions on any products that I am on the lookout for, maybe a nice MAC eyeshadow shade! Although be warned that you may come away from a chat with a very big blogger-inflicted wishlist.

There are loads of blogger chats, so I've written a list of some of the main ones and a little information about each! As a note too, when I say there is a topic every week this is usually true, but the person who runs the chat may decide that it's just a general chat that week, so keep any eye out for that.


7-8pm BST - #bdib (bloggers do it better) - For all types of bloggers interested all sorts of topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @Blogsdoitbetter.

8-9pm BST - #healthyselves - For those who like to discuss health, be it mental, physical or fitness - Topic every week - Hosted by @chathealthy.

8-9pm BST - #fbloggers (fashion bloggers) - Various fashion topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @BeckyBedbug.


7-8.30pm BST - #craftblogclub - Various craft topics for craft bloggers - Topic every week - Hosted by @CraftBlogClub.

8-9pm BST - #fblchat (fashion, beauty, lifestyle chat) - Various topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @fashbeautylife.

9-10pm BST - #bloghour - For all types of bloggers interested in all sorts of helpful topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @UKBlogAwards.


7-8pm BST - #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers) - Various lifestyle topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @Lbloggerschat.

8-9pm BST - #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) - Beauty chatter - No topic - No host.


8-9pm BST - #vloggerschat - Various topics for vloggers - Topic every week - Hosted by @whatshedidx.

9-10pm BST - #cfbloggers (cruelty free bloggers) - Various topics for cruelty free bloggers - Topic every week - Hosted by @CFbloggerschat.


6-7pm BST - #beautychat - Various beauty topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @BeautyHigh.

7-8pm BST - #bdib (bloggers do it better) - For all types of bloggers interested all sorts of topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @Blogsdoitbetter.


6-7pm BST - #socialbloggers - Various topics for all bloggers - Topic every week - Hosted by @Noor_Unnahar & @skinnedcartree.


7-8pm BST - #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers) - Various lifestyle topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @Lbloggerschat.

8-9pm BST - #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) - Various beauty topics - Topic every week - Hosted by @bbloggerschat.

9-10pm BST - #pbloggers (parent bloggers) - Topic every week - Hosted by @pbloggersnet.

What's your favourite blogger chat on Twitter?


  1. I LOVE the #lbloggers chats and the #bbloggers chats although I'm loving the lifestyle ones more now! I don't know why I didn't take part in them before x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Blogger chats are such a good idea, I really need to find the time to take part in more of them <3


  3. bookmarked - this will be super helpful. thank you :)


  4. This is so useful - didn't know about half of these!


  5. Bookmarked this :) Thanks so much lovely... I know when most of them are, but usually forget!

    ❤ The Jewel Beauty Blog ❤ || Chanel Rouge Coco Review

  6. Needed a post like this to help me keep track of the chats, so thank you! :) x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  7. This is so helpful! Very new to the Twitter chats. Thank you <3

    Martha Jane at marthajanemusic.blogspot.co.uk

  8. YAY! Thank you for posting this - mine is totally out of date haha :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  9. Thank you! I can never stay ontop of the chats, so I'll have to bookmark this immediately! x


  10. Omg thankyou for this! I've been trying to fgure out whats on when!! :)

    www.polishedcouture.wordpress.com xo

  11. This is something I haven't been involved in before but would absolutely love to be! Thank you for posting the times and days of all the Twitter Chats I'm definitely going to get involved later on today! <3


  12. I absolutely love blogger chats too - I get a tonne of traffic from them on top of great advice and loads of post inspiration! Made so many blogger friends too! There's one that just started on Mondays called #zchat on Monday nights from 9pm that's really interesting - tackles issues like body issues!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  13. I love blogger Twitter chats and I seriously need to get back into them.


  14. The #bbloggers chats are definitely my favourite and the first ones I joined in with. Although there was a period at the end of last year where I fell out of love with the Wednesday chat because it was just taken over by people spamming their posts. I now regularly join in with #bdib #fblchat and occasionally #crazybloggers (which I don't believe you've mentioned here) when I'm not at the pub quiz! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  15. there's also #pabchat on Sundays 5-6pm in British time... :)


  16. I only ever regularly participate in the #lbloggers chats on Wednesdays and Sundays! I want to start joining in on a few more though so this is a really handy guide to have :-)

  17. can't believe how many chats are out there! definitely gonna try! i love the british blogging community, thx for sharing, writing them down makes it easier to me to remember the exact day&time(:

    xx from Italy
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube

  18. Wow, thanks for sharing this - it is such a great help. I've learnt about some chats I didn't even know they were going on. What a great post - thanks for sharing!

    Emma xx || Her Glamourati

  19. Just saved this, it so useful especially when you're new to blogging like me, thanks so much for taking the time to put it together.


  20. Hi lovely,

    I am so glad you sent me your links! Recently I have not been using social media as much as I should be, hence why I asked for links... I wanted to read me blogs and meet new people. This is SO useful. I have just printed off the chat times so I can be prepared!

    Thank you!

    Tanzina x

    Tanzina | Makeup A to Z | http://makeupatoz.com/

  21. Thanks!!! for sharing this informative topic with us...

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