8 February 2013

The Beginning


So I know that no one will probably read this now, maybe in the future, if my blog is successful. Anyway I wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Millie, I have been interested in clothes, fashion and such since the age of about 7, I still remember buying my first "proper" fashionable item of clothing in New Look, a pair of embroided jeans, and I never wanted to take them off!

For the past two years or so I have been arguing with myself about whether or not to make Youtube videos, as I would really love to and I think I would enjoy it, however I don't feel confident enough to at the moment. This means I have decided to make a blog for now to see what people think of me, and to hopefully build up my confidence!

This blog is going to be about all sorts beauty/make-up related, from product reviews, blogs/Youtubers I have been enjoying recently, to just showing everyone what I've bought.

I would love if you could tell your friends/family to look at my blog as it would really help me out, or even give me suggestions on any products you would like me to try and review!

My first post, well second counting this one, will be up within the next 2 days or so.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my blog, and please give me feedback about what you think.

Bye guys



  1. Good luck! Your blog seems to be doing well :)

  2. how did you manage to get it so successful?! So jealous!xxx

    1. Ah you shouldn't be haha! I just worked at it a lot and eventually got where I am now :)