24 February 2013

Primark, Superdrug + Boots Haul!

Hey guys! I went into town on Thursday and bought a few things (I am pretty proud of myself because I managed to not buy everything I liked), which meant I thought I would show you all what I got.

I bought the Timotei Pure shampoo and conditioner, for normal to greasy hair, because I was running out of shampoo, so I thought I would give this a go because it has no harsh chemicals, parabens etc. I have used this once so far and I really like it! It leaves my hair so soft and doesn't make it feel heavy. I got this from Superdrug whilst it was on offer at £2 per bottle.

Also from Superdrug I saw that the Make Up Academy nail effects were 2 for £4, which meant I couldn't resist getting the Fur-Effect Nails (in the shade Fluff and Cuddles) and the Nail Constellations (in the shade Pisces). I haven't tried these yet, but I will most likely do a blog post on them when I do.

Now onto the bits from Boots. I bought the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer (in the shade light). I have seen a lot of people saying that this concealer is amazing, however I had never tried it before, so I gave in and decided to give it a go! It is a pretty nice concealer, maybe not as great as it is hyped up to be, but it does do a fairly good job. This was £4.19.

The final two things from Boots are the Collection 2000 Pressed Power and the Collection 2000 Extreme 24  Hour Felt Tip Liner. I wasn't really planning on getting these two things, but when I saw that if you spend £4.99 on Collection 2000 products you get the eyeliner free, meaning I only had to spend another 80p! I decided to try the powder because I have never tested it before, and I am close to running out of the powder I currently have. The powder was £1.99.

The last things I got from Superdrug were two packets of the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes, which are one of my ultimate essentials, and the Simple Radiance Eye Make-Up Removing Wipes. I have never actually tried the eye make-up wipes, however I thought I would give them a go because I love Simple's products. They are alright, maybe not the best, they are quite small meaning it makes it a bit tricky to get your eye make-up off properly. The facial wipes were £2 each, and the eye make-up wipes were £3.

These three were actually from Sainsburys and they are the Mandara Spa honey bath, shower cream and bath essence. The three of them all smell rather musky, yet a bit fruity at the same time, I am not quite sure how to describe the scent properly but they smell very nice! The honey bath was £6, shower cream £2.50 and the bath essence £4.

                                 (Sorry for the awful picture)

And finally from Primark I managed to only buy two things. I bought a pair of full-length black leggings (which are essential to me) and a very pale denim shirt which I absolutely love! The shirt will look really nice over a navy and white striped dress and some black flats, so it is great for Spring/Summer. The shirt was £10 and the leggings were £4.

I also bought a black padded Karrimor jacket, for next Winter, from an outdoor clothing shop that I can't remember the name of. It was only £30 reduced from £99! I did try to take a photo of it but the quality and lighting was terrible.

What have you bought recently? I would love to know, so please tell me in the comments! :)


  1. I nearly bought that shirt! I ended up buying a checked one instead :)


    1. Haha, I wanted to get the checked one as well but I had to stop myself.