15 February 2013

My Soap & Glory Collection + Mini Reviews!

Hi guys! Today I have a bit of a collection and reviews post, about none other than Soap & Glory! I have a bit of an obsession with this company's products, which has resulted in me having quite a large collection of the stuff. That is why I decided, what better to do that show everyone what I own, and tell you what I think of the individual products! (Apologies if this post turns out to be really long.)

Thick & Fast mascara + Supercat Felt eyeliner 

 Firstly, the Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara, and Supercat Felt eyeliner. These are two of my favourite everyday make-up products!

The eyeliner is the best felt liner I have tried, my only comment is that it does start to fade slightly after wearing it for most of the day.

The mascara is AMAZING, it is so volumising and makes your eyelashes look really long! I have no bad comments about it!

 Mighty Mouth + Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss
 (Shades Candy Gloss + Punchbowl)

The Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth + Sexy Mother Pucker I'm personally not too keen on, they are very sticky, so you end up with hair-covered lips rather easily. The only thing I really like about these are the colours.

Hand Food hand cream

The Soap and Glory Hand Food is one of my favourite hand creams, it absorbs pretty quickly, smells amazing, leaves your hands so soft and doesn't make them greasy. Definitely recommended.

    Smoothie Star body milk + Clean On Me shower gel

The Soap and Glory Smoothie Star smells absolutely gorgeous! It smells a lot like the Breakfast Scrub.  Apart from that it is alright, it takes quite a long time to dry, which I don't really like, and it is quite greasy.

Clean On Me is a very nice body wash, it is so thick and moisturing, plus is smells like the classic Soap and Glory products!

Pulp Friction + Sugar Crush body scrub

The Sugar Crush Body Scrub smells extremely strongly of lime, which I am not particularly keen on, however people who like lime will love this! Otherwise it is a very good scrub, especially for dry skin!  

The Pulp Friction Body Scrub is one of my favourite body scrubs, it smells like fig, with a hint of coconut, so quite a nice, fresh smell. It is a great body scrub and gets rid of any built-up dirt very easily.

The Righteous Butter body butter

The Righteous Butter is a bit of a tricky product, I both like it and hate it at the same time. Yes it is rather moisturing, but it takes forever to dry (which I absolutely hate) and I don't like how it leaves my skin feeling  quite oily. So I am not too sure about this one.

 Heel Genius foot cream

Heel Genius is a fairly good foot cream, admittedly it isn't anything massively special, however it does work rather well in the short term. I find that even if I completely coat my feet it in, then pop a pair off socks on the top overnight, it only keeps my feet soft for a day or two, which isn't that great.

 Glam-A-Lot Fragrant Body Spray,  
Girligo Spray-On Moisturising Mist
+ Mist You Madly Body Spray

The Glam-A-Lot spray has got to be my favourite of the three, it has got quite a musky, spicy scent, whilst not being too overpowering. I would say this is more of an Autumn or Winter spray.

The Girligo moisturising mist is quite nice, it is not my favourite if I'm honest. When you spray it on it looks a lot like a white spray-on sun cream, and although it may be slightly moisturising, I find that the classic Soap and Glory scent wears off pretty quickly. 

Last of the three we have the Mist You Madly spray, this is very much a Summer scent because of its fruity, fresh smell. I wore it all the time last Summer and it stayed on all day! This is a very nice spray, and anyone who likes fruity scents will definitely like this!

Peaches and Clean facial cleanser, 
For Daily Youth face cream 
Soap and Clarity facial soap

I used the Soap and Clarity facial soap for quite a while, until I completely forgot I had it and re-discovered it the other day! It is a really nice facial soap, it has small exfoliating beads in it, it is definitely more of a foaming soap than an exfoliating scrub. It doesn't dry your skin out, or make it too oily. All in all it is a pretty nice facial soap!

I have been using For Daily Youth since Christmas, when I got it in a gift set, and I absolutely love it! It smells gorgeous, makes your skin feel very soft and hydrated, plus you only need a little bit to moisturise your whole face.

And finally, my favourite of all the Soap and Glory products, Peaches and Clean! This stuff is really amazing. It makes your skin feel so so clean, soft and refreshed, whilst not causing me to get any spots, which occasionally happens when I used certain facial cleaners. 

Anyway I hope you liked this post! Please tell me in the comments what you thought about any of these products, if you've tried them, and what other products by Soap and Glory you've used. :)

All of these products are available from www.boots.com

Note: All of the products mentioned were bought with my own money and these are my honest opinions.


  1. Sooo jealous of your collection! My favourites are The Righteous Butter, Clean On Me shower gel and the Breakfast Scrub! I really want to get my hands on the Shower Butter!xxxx

    1. Yeah the Clean On Me and Breakfast Scrub (the smell of that one omg) are two of my favourites too. I have never actually tried the Shower Butter, I might have too! x

  2. Wow you went all out with the shop and glory products!! I've never tried any, shock and horror!!
    I've heard the 'Glad hair day' conditioner is really good have you tried it? Might have to invest :)
    Kylie - Lazy2lovely.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Haha yeah, I tend to ask for the sets at Christmas, so that's how I build up such a collection. I have never personally tried Glad Hair Day, however I have heard that it tends to make your hair very greasy and heavy, so maybe try the small sized tube first. :)

  3. Ahh I adore soap & glory! Love your blog, thanks for being my 600th follower! xoxo



    1. Thanks, I love your blog too and awh it's alright! :)

  4. I'm really not a fan of Soap & Glory's body or skincare products but I'd love to try their makeup :) xx

    1. I haven't tried a huge amount of their make-up, but the things I have tried seem to be pretty good!

  5. You have an amazing collection of their products! I love the scent of the Righteous Butter but agree- it takes it's time to dry! x x


    1. Haha yeah, it can be a bit awkward standing their waiting for it to try.

  6. I love soap and glory! Great post! :)

    Would appreciate it if you had a look at my blog! (just started out) thank you! :)

  7. I can't wait to try Soap & Glory's Hand Food!

  8. Adore your collection! I am so in love with body cream/butter/lotion product. My favorite moisturizing cream so far is soap and glory. Really love the righteous butter body lotion for for its last long day scent. Didn't need to use a perfume after i applied it on my skin. Yet my favorite scent is daily smooth body butter which has miss you madly scent. =)How about the perfume, any comment? consider to buy one as i love miss you madly scent.

    1. I haven't actually tried any of their perfumes yet, I have been considering buying some for a while but I am still not quite sure :)

  9. What a lovely collection! I am a huge fan of this brand as well :)